Newsletter - July 2011 - Our First!

Welcome to our first newsletter. If you have subscribed to recieve our newsletters we hope you won't be disappointed.

Having started our website in May / June this year we have been amazed by the spread of our readers. We have visitors from the USA, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Kenya, Japan, Canada as well as our home UK and the list goes on.... When we started our site we expected to be targeting readers in the UK and the USA little realising how wide the appeal might be. It may take us a while to get to grips with the needs of all these audiences. Frankly we have no idea whether there are asparagus growers in Russia or Kenya or when the seasons might be in Singapore or Japan. This is where we hope to call upon our readers to help out. We will be opening up our site to your comments hoping to provide a one stop resource for Asparagus lovers everywhere to share their knowledge and experience!

Throughout the year we will bring you seasonal news related to asparagus. If you are thinking of getting an asparagus bed planted up we will make sure you are ready in time for planting season and if you are an avid asparagus cook we will bring you our latest recipes and ideas.

In addition we will be commenting on what we see and hear, when the first seasons asparagus appears etc. on our News page and on Facebook. Please feel free to join us there.

For this month with the cutting season finished we remind you to keep an eye out for those little blighters the asparagus beetle.

Check out our page on Asparagus Beetle

The easiest way to cook Asparagus!

All you need is a microwave, a Microwavable Fish & Veggie Steamer and our instructions.

Asparagus with Flowers

Spring is in the Air!

Time to turn to some healthy eating. What could be better than asparagus? Take a look through our Asparagus recipe ideas for some great ways to eat Asparagus.

Fancy some Farm Fresh asparagus delivered to your door? Take a look at who is supplying mail order asparagus.

UK & USA Season

The UK and USA season is here!!! With the season at it's height from May - June make the most of the most local, freshest asparagus you can lay your hands on!!!

Perfectly Steamed Asparagus?

For steaming your asparagus on the hob try a purpose made Stainless Steel Asparagus/Vegetables Steamer.

Asparagus Festivals

Festival fever is taking over Stockton Asparagus Festival runs 27th - 29th April and the British Asparagus Festival has events running all the way from now unitl the 21st June.

Don't miss out join in the fun...

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