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There are a LOT of ways to eat asparagus and our list of recipes just keeps growing so we have put them into a number of collections to help you find what you are looking for. Some recipes appear in more than one colllection. For example Cream of Asparagus Soup appears in collections for Appetizers, Soups and Light Lunches.

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If you want the basics of how to cook fresh asparagus you might want to start by looking at How to Cook Asparagus first for some background information on a range of cooking methods.

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Ultimate detox with Asparagus Juice

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A couple of Recipes to get you started : Asparagus & Tomato Sauce

When its not asparagus season anymore we know the imported varieties can't be as fresh but you can still enjoy some good asparagus flavour in this recipe. If you froze some asparagus during the season you could try it in this recipe. Its also quick to make and who wants to be cooking when the sun is shining?


1 lb asparagus

1floz / 1/4 cup Dry white wine

2 cloves garlic

2 tablespoons Olive oil

2 cloves Garlic

14oz / 2 cups canned crushed tomato

3-4oz / 1 cup mushrooms

2 tablespoons fresh basil

Sugar, to taste

freshly cooked pasta


Crush the garlic and chop the asparagus into 1" - 2" lengths

Heat some olive oil in a large frying pan skillet

Saute the garlic for a minute without allowing it to burn

Add the crushed tomatoes, mushrooms and basil to the pan, bring to the boil and simmer for about 5 minutes.

Add the cut asparagus and simmer until the asparagus is just tender

Stir in the white wine and a little sugar to taste.

Add salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Serve with freshly cooked pasta.

Serves 4.

Asparagus & Chicken Stir Fry

We eat this as a regular weekly meal when we have some asparagus but not quite enough to use it as a main vegetable. You could also use it when you get to that stage of the season when you've eaten TOO MUCH ASPARAGUS ON ITS OWN... does this ever happen? It is quick and easy to cook, you can vary the ingredients to use up what is in the fridge and everyone seems to like it.

To serve 3 - 4 adults


6-12 asparagus spears

2-3 fresh chicken breasts (or the leftovers from the Sunday Roast Chicken)

1/2 a small can of sweetcorn

1 red pepper and one yellow pepper

2 teaspoons of french mustard

2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt (low fat for the healthy option)

A bunch of fresh herbs from the garden if you can (coriander, basil, chives, sage, thyme, rosemary... experiment with what you have)or if not a sprinking of mixed dried herbs.


Cut the asparagus into lengths about 1 inch long, discard the tougher end bits and if the stalks are quite thick cut the thicker bits lengthwise as well.

Slice the red and yellow peppers into pieces about the same size as the asparagus.

Chop the fresh herbs finely

Cut the chicken into strips pieces about 1 inch long by 1/4 inch diameter, simliar size to the asparagus pieces.

Heat a little olive oil in a big frying pan

If using uncooked chicken when the oil is quite hot add the chicken pieces and toss for a few minutes. When starting to brown add the asparagus and pepper. Contiue to cook on a high heat for 5 to 10 minutes.

If the chicken is left over from the weekend roast add it at the same time as the asparagus and pepper.

When you are sure the chicken is well cooked through and the vegetables are just going tender add the sweetcorn and stir in the french mustard.

Have a quick taste and if you think it needs a bit more flavour either add some more mustard or a little lea and perrins sauce or light soy sauce.

Finally turn off the heat and swirl in the yogurt.

This tastes great with baked potatoes, salad or pasta.


Gus enjoying Asparagus SeasonGus enjoying Asparagus Season

The easiest way to cook Asparagus!

All you need is a microwave a plastic Fish / Veg. Steamer and and our instructions.

Asparagus ready to cook in the microwave

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If you want the

Basics of how to cook fresh asparagus

start by looking at How to Cook Asparagus first for some background information on a range of cooking methods.

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