Asparagus Themed Gifts

Christmas is approaching and with it the inevitable difficulty choosing gifts that show you have spent some time finding something a little different or unusual. An asparagus themed gift might be an unusual solution to your problems. For the dedicated Asparagus Lover or someone who enjoys their gardening or cooking we are searching the web for unusual asparagus themed gifts and or good ideas in the gardening / cooking line.

Prices vary to suit all pockets.

If you have a relative or friend who loves asparagus we hope you will find something to solve your presant problems here.

As well as "things" we like giving gifts of tickets to events or days out withthe family which can be enjoyed later in the year or by all the family. Tickets to an asparagus festival might be suitablle if you live near enough, or myabe plan a special trip.

Another gift that lasts well beyond the day of giving is a gift of plants or seeds. In the case of asparagus you need to be sure the person you are giving the plants to has the space and the inclination to grow asparagus, but if they do its a fantastic gift that will pay you back in the future if you visit at the right time of year!! Another great gift would be the gift of some of your time assisting with digging over beds and planting. An ideal gift from a young person to someone of more mature years. Find an asparagus themed card and write a promise to help inside but be sure to follow through on the promise.

For true Asparagus Lovers

Amazing in your face Asparagus T Shirt

A variety of Asparagus themed gifts from the National Asparagus Festival of Oceana County

Tickets to Eveshams Asparafest 2015 music and asparagus festival in rural Worcestershire


$2 to $22

Tickets from £4

For some people jewelery will always be a winner and these unusual designs based on asparagus would make great gifts for gardening and foodie enthusiasts alike.


Ornate Reverieby Corrine Charms for Farms Asparagus necklace (matching earings available

Alex Monro Gold or Silver bunch of asparagus necklace / asparagus spear earrings

LuvCherie Gold plated

Asparagus charm


From £105


An often sensibly priced gift option or stocking filler can be a suitably themed T shirt, Hat, fridge magnet etc. Zazzle (with whom we have no commercial relationship) have all sorts of gifts with Asparagus images emblazoned on them. Some are tasteful..... some not so much!! Take a look below:

Clothing, Fridge Magnets, Hats

Hats printed with all sorts of Asparagus motifs by Zazzle


Lots and lots of different designs of asparagus themed Fridge Magnets


£12 - £16

$17- $22

From £2.95

From $3.65

For the Foodie

Gift Certificate for a delivery of Mister Spear Asparagus early in the new season.

La Tienda

Whilte Asparagus Mousse

2 Jars

Gourmet Foodstore canned

White Asparagus

From $30


From $9.50

We will be adding to these ideas day be day, sign up to our RSS feeds, facebook and / or twitter to see what we find.

Gus enjoying Asparagus SeasonGus enjoying Asparagus Season

The easiest way to cook Asparagus!

All you need is a microwave a plastic Fish / Veg. Steamer and and our instructions.

Asparagus ready to cook in the microwave

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