Asparagus Urine Health Study

Channel 4 TV are doing an asparagus urine health study and are looking for people to take part. If you live in Worcestershire or surrounding areas take a look at the information below.

Even if you don't live close enough you can follow what is happening here on this page. We'll make sure you know when its being aired and let you know their findings!

Don't be worried about putting yourself forward Cecily is a very nice chatty lady and knows that some people will prefer to blend in whilst others may be happy to say a few words on camera! She assures me there will be safety in numbers!!

Channel 4 are looking for people who would be interested in participating in a group study for The Food Hospital series.

The successful ground-breaking Channel 4 series exploring the potential health benefits of food in treating a wide range of illnesses and ailments returns for a new series.


Have you ever wondered what your urine can tell you about your health?

Have you ever wondered why asparagus makes some people’s urine smell, but not others?

Are you free from 11am-3pm on Tues 17th July and willing to take part in a fun and interesting experiment on Dingle Farm, Little Witley (postcode WR6 6LF) that will help us with our research into how food affects our health?


Our team of medical experts, including a GP, a specialist medical Consultant and a leading Dietitian are looking for a group of people who both can and can’t smell asparagus in their urine after eating it, to come and take part in a fun group study

at Dingle Farm, WR6 6LF on 17th July.

The participants will be required for one day’s filming which entails eating some asparagus then telling us whether they can or can’t smell it in their pee afterwards! Light refreshments and tea provided too!

If you are interested in coming along and taking part in this asparagus urine health study then please call Cecily on 0207 290 0673 or email

Gus enjoying Asparagus SeasonGus enjoying Asparagus Season

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