How Much Sun?

by Vicky Allan

My asparagus bed is in my allotment which has trees on either side and only gets sun(if it is ever shining here in north east Scotland!)for about4-5 hours a day. I have had poor results so far with only 3-4 spears per plant.I am thinking of transplanting at least some of them to a sunnier spot in my garden. They are well spaced out so I am hoping this will be ok. I have had them in for about 5 years .What do you think?

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Transplanting is Tricky
by: Susan

Hi Vicky

If you take a look at our page on Transplanting Asparagus and also at our experts advice you will see that transplanting it is not a recommended process as the results can be quite variable. (see links on similar question above) Lack of sunlight (in what is not the hottest spot in the world) could easily be the issue with your yield. Te soil needs to get well warmed for the asparagus to fancy shooting up so you might be better planting a new bed in your garden, eating what you get from the allotment until the garden bed gets going then planting something more shade tolerant in the allotment.

Check for a good hardy variety to plant in your location in Scotland if you decide to replant.

Good Luck Sue

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Transplanting Wild Asparagus

by Doug Sapp
(Omak WA 98841)

We have planted 40 crowns obtained from Stark's and about 90% of them have produced ferns, but these will not produce much for about 3-4 years. On our property, a 40 acre piece located on the Okanogan river here in eastern WA we have many "wild" asparagus plants growing, my question is this, can we dig these established plants and move them into our existing beds and expect to have a harvest the following year after transplanting? Some of these plants are very old, as we have owned this property for over 30 years and they were here when we moved in. What is the best procedure to transplant them?

Douglas Sapp
Omak WA

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Transplanting Asparagus - Not recommended
by: Susan

Hi Doug

You might like to read our piece about transplanting asparagus

and Jamie's expert opinion on the process which is not positive!!


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