Asparagus Souffle
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An Asparagus Souffle will impress your family and friends and is not that hard to make. Its also quite a social activity since you need to get your consumers seated and ready to eat whilst you are doing the impressive part wich should allow plenty of time for discussion of your culinary talents.

Cooking Time:  25-30 mins 
Prep Time:        15 mins
Serves:               6

Because this recipe calls for you to blend or puree your asparagus it is the perfect way to use frozen or canned asparagus because texture is not important. Of course fresh or home frozen will still have the best taste by far but its worth trying out canned asparagus souffle out of season.



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Gus enjoying Asparagus SeasonGus enjoying Asparagus Season

The easiest way to cook Asparagus!

All you need is a microwave a plastic Fish / Veg. Steamer and and our instructions.

Asparagus ready to cook in the microwave

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