8 New Year's Resolutions for
Asparagus Lovers

New Year's Resolutions are made for breaking but not these 8 ideas designed for Asparagus Lovers.  Some of these resolutions are more challenging than others but at least one of them must be worth making.

Purple AsparagusResolve to try Purple Asparagus

1. Plant an Asparagus Bed
(the New Year's Resolution you will never regret)

If you've always fancied fresh home grown asparagus start planning now and get planting in the spring. Write your plans up on the wall on a calender or set an alarm on your phone. You need about 3 alarms, one to remind you to read this guidance, one to remind you to set aside some time to prepare the bed , one to remind you to choose your vareity and get them on order and finally one to remind you to plant your plants.

So come on make that resolution and you will be enjoying asparagus for many years to come.

2. Eat In Season Asparagus at least once a week all Season

This is such an easy resolution to make. Again write it up somewhere or set some alarms. You'll have to work out when the season starts in your location (our facebook page will give you lots of cluesas the year progresses) adn take it from there. Be sure to buy locally grown for ultimate asparagus flavour.

3. Try at least 10 New Ways of Eating Asparagus over the course of the Season

This will take just a little more effort but if you browse your way through these pages on how to cook asparagus and a range of asparagus recipes you should find plenty of inspiration.

4. Go Wild Asparagus Hunting

This new year's resolution will only work for those that live in the right kind of pplace but if you do its a must. Don't go trampling over anyones land or spoiling anyones beautiful hedgerows but follow our advice on ways to get out doors and look for a free gift from nature.

5. Share Your Asparagus Love

Its suprising how many people have never eaten fresh asparagus or don't know what it is or how to cook it. Find at least one friend who has been missing out, invite them around for lunch or supper and introduce them to asparagus. Maybe start with just plain steamed asparagus coated in butter eaten with the fingers. Nothing fancy just good fresh veg served well.

6. Try Pickling or Freezing some Asparagus

When the season is at its height find the best value asparagus you can and try your hand at storing some for later in the year.

Pickling is an interesting idea and done well can provide a really interesting pickle with a good texture. Don't be put off by the mushy texture of many of the canned varieties, home pickled is the way forward.

Freezing is quite straight forward and the frozen product makes brilliant tasty soup and used carefully can be a good substitute for fresh. The flavour holds well just think about which recipes might work well if the texture is slightly less than perfect. 

7. Join in with your local Asparagus Festival

If you are lucky enough to live in asparagus growing country and you can find an asparagus festival nearby go along and join in. You'll have a great day out and hopefully return with some lovely produce to enjoy.

8. Try White Asparagus & Raw Purple Asparagus

Have you ever tried white asparagus? It's not that easy to get hold of. You may well find it in jars but try to find the fresh version. See what you think and let us know. We're not convinced but maybe its an aquired taste. Don't forget to peel it before you cook it.

Purple Asparagus is well worth trying. if you can find some eat it as fresh as possible, raw in a salad. So long as you can find some this is a really easy resolution to keep.

Gus enjoying Asparagus SeasonGus enjoying Asparagus Season

The easiest way to cook Asparagus!

All you need is a microwave a plastic Fish / Veg. Steamer and and our instructions.

Asparagus ready to cook in the microwave

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