Unsual Recipes & Recipes we haven't Tried Yet!

I've just seen a recipe I really fancy but it uses unusual ingredients. I'm sure in due course I will try it with some alternatives but in the meantime I thought we might share some links with you to unusual recipes using asparagus or recipes that we fancy but haven't tried so cannot comment on.

This page will have a list of links to those recipes with our comments on what we think they might be like:

Salmon and Green Asparagus Kushiyaki

Salmon and Green Asparagus Kushiyaki This recipe uses mirin which apparently is a sweetened sake or rice wine and white truffle oil. The white truffle oil is rather expensive £7 -£10 for a 100ml bottle so we'll be trying this one day when we are feeling rich and organised enough to have bought some. Alternatively I might try it with rice wine and olive oil! I do think it sounds good though...take a look....

Asparagus Tea & Asparagus Gelato (Ice Cream?)

Asparagus Tea & Asparagus Gelato (Ice Cream?) Now this is definately for those with an experimental attitude. Asparagus Tea, maybe... (not really into tea myself whatever sort) but Asparagus Ice Cream or Gelato..... not convinced...

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