Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus holds all the essentials for a sophisticated starter at a dinner party along with being so easy to produce that it makes entertaining enjoyable  rather than a chore.

Vary the presentation by using pretty garnishes.

The recipe is very simple and its quite quick to make but you do need to pop it all together at the last minute as the asparagus is far nicer served hot.


8 slim slices Prosciutto

20 asparagus spears


salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place the prosciutto on the serving plate lying two slice on each plate side by side.
  2. Prepare the asparagus by snapping of the stems and giving them a rinse in cold water.
  3. Steam the asparagus (we always use the microwave method as its so easy and gives such good results)
  4. Lay 5 asparagus spears on top of the prosciutto so that tthe tips will just show their heads when rolled up.
  5. Add a very small knob of buuter to the asparagus according to taste.
  6. Season sparingly with salt and pepper
  7. Now starting at one side of the plate roll the prosciutto around the asparagus (like roling up a carpet!).
  8. Gently shift to the centre of the plate and serve immediately.

We don't think Prosicutto Wrapped Asparagus needs any extras to taste amazing.

If you are having a finger buffet you could use small slices of prosciutto and wrap individual spears as finger food although you need to consider whether they are as nice cold as hot.

You might also try using different varieties of asparagus including white if you can get your hands on some.

We would not recommend using tinned green asparagus for this recipe as the asparagus just does not have the texture, however if you are a fan of white tinned asparagus why not give it a try.

You might also like to try Bacon Wrapped Asparagus and other dinner party recipes including Asparagus Wrapped in Smoked Salmon.

Cooking Time:  4 mins  
Prep Time:        5 mins
Serves:              4

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